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MUSIUM pavilion - Inspired by Trance music. Designed by me for a senior level studio project. 

Software used for modelling and rendering - Rhino. 

Extraordinary underwater shots by Zena Holloway!

Check out her site 

She is a self taught underwater photographer, born in Bahrain, raised in London, lived in Egypt and moved to Grand Cayman. Damn!


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IDES 302 Interior Design studio- Project One: Mall Environment Interior Concept

Project Brief :

Project one is a design of new, two-storey shopping mall environment located in Doha. The building is in the planning stages which gives you the opportunity to custom design the interior spaces.

The client requires an innovative design with its own unique personality that will set the store apart from the competition. 
The mall environment should be inviting and welcoming to the target audience. And should provide engaging and interactive opportunities.


This retail project was a collaboration between four interior design juniors. My first reaction to the project brief was ’ :/  really?’. Retail is something that does not appeal to me at all! It seemed too corporate, uninteresting and limiting. But thanks to the great team that I had been assigned with, we had great ideas and visions about this retail space. Somehow, all four of us had similar ideas which made this team work out really well. Here are some of the slides of our project from Interim to Final presentation.